Digital Mind

Change in Digital Mind management team

Ongoing change is part of everyday life in the Information Technology industry. Companies that are part of it must embrace change to maintain and increase their competitiveness. Understanding this axiom, we have made certain changes in the Digital Mind management team to be able to take better advantage of the knowledge, skills and experience of our employees.

Starting with February 20, 2018, our board member and COO Dmitry Grishin has become the new Chairman of the Board and CEO of AS Digital Mind. Ingemars Liakovicus, Digital Mind Head of Sales and Business Development will now serve as a board member of our companies in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

“Professionalism and focus on delivering value to our customers have always been and will continue to be at the core of our company."

"I foresee that the main challenge of the next few years will be the necessity to undertake even larger projects that span multiple markets. However, our team consists of the best professionals in the region, therefore I’m certain that we will succeed in this task,” says Dmitry Grishin, the new CEO of Digital Mind.

“I am pleased that our shareholders have seen value in my experience and personality traits and have trusted me with this additional responsibility to not only lead the business development but to also be involved in the overall company management,” reveals Ingemars Liakovcus. “My primary tasks will be to continue developing new business opportunities in all three Baltic markets, to help create new innovative products for our customers and to promote the continuous increase of effectiveness and competitiveness of the leading enterprises of our region by assisting them in the process of digital transformation.”

Meanwhile our shareholder and former CEO Rinalds Sluckis will continue to be part of the company by taking on the role of strategic advisor and becoming the Chairman of the Supervisory Board. “During the last three years we have transformed Digital Mind to an international company with a local presence in all three Baltic states. Next step is to continue the team integration and to utilize our new resources in a pragmatic and coordinated manner to execute cross-border projects. This requires a new approach in planning and company management and Dmitry and Ingemars are the leaders whose knowledge and personalities are the best fit to execute it. I have no doubt in my mind that they will lead Digital Mind towards even greater success.”