Digital Mind

OpenText News | September 2017

The summer has come to an end and offices everywhere are experiencing a renewed rush of energy. We think that this is a perfect time to look at what news September has brought to those who use products from OpenText ECM ecosystem.

VIDEO: Magellan - make AI assisted business decisions

Today every organization are in a possession of a massive amount of data, which is impossible to fully oversee and utilize using just human brain. OpenText believes that the solution to this problem is Magellan - a new system that brings together business analytics tools with elements of machine learning and AI, that help with merging, managing and analyzing Big Data and Big Content in your ECM systems.

OPINION: Enterprise Content Management - not just for large enterprises

We often hear that ECM and other business management tools are useful only for large companies with hundreds and even thousands of employees. Both Digital Mind and and OpenText know that this is false - though the road to success lies in defining the right content strategy as well as finding the right technology solution for your company. How to do that? OpenText product manager Chris Wynder has some ideas.

RECOGNITION: OpenText Exstream named as industry leader

Various OpenText products continue to receive recognition as industry leaders. This time it's customer communication solutions tool OpenText Exstream. "Document Strategy" magazine has named OpenText as one of it's "Hot 100 Companies" because of Exstream, which offers ultra-personalized, consistent, compliant, customer communications—delivered anytime, anywhere.

FUTURE: Will employees suffer from the digital revolution?

Lately there's been a lot of discussion about the impact of the next industrial revolution that seems to be imminent and will move much of the work currently done by humans into the hands and brains of robots and automated systems. OpenText CEO Mark Barrenechea got asked whether he believes that people should be worried about AI replacing their jobs or not. Read the article to find our his answer.